So how does a Generator Work?

  1. The Automatics Transfer Switch, or ATS, monitors council power and routes council power into your home.
  2. If the power goes down, the ATS immediately starts the generator and changes the power supply from council to generator and restores power to your home.
  3. As soon as council power is restored, the ATS monitors the power stability; once the council power is stable; the ATS switches back to council power, cools down the generator and shuts it down. The ATS then monitors council power once more.
  4. The LPG Generators are also designed to carry out a weekly maintenance test in which the generator will start and run a power test to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the generator at all times. Well very simply the generator is completely integrated into your main power supply and automatically supplies power in the event of a council failure.

How generators work - graphic illustration

What size generator would you need?

We have a complete range of LPG Generators suited for every size home. We have given you a basic guide to selecting the size of generator. The best solution is to contact GPH and ask for a Consultant to come out and accurately assess your needs.

Your Homes power consumption and load demand varies significantly from start up to normal running; we will assist you in selecting the right generator for your specific needs.