PowerTips Edition 2 :: Load shedding impacting your cellphone connectivity?
December 11, 2019
PowerTips Edition 2 :: Load shedding impacting your cellphone connectivity?
December 11, 2019
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PowerTip 3 :: How we power the commercial, agricultural and mining sector.


This sector covers your office parks, restaurants, fast food outlets, mortuaries, night clubs, small to medium scale manufacturing and construction. In this sector you have time sensitive production and need power to cook, assemble, communicate and execute several functions. Popular has been the rental model where a generator is placed onsite for a minimal standing charge and when power is interrupted, it automatically kicks in to provide continuous power. Our key differentiator is our ability to remotely monitor sets and carry out regular servicing and refuelling on an SLA basis to ensure the sets are always available when in demand. Our large fleet size means where major repairs are required on a set onsite, we can seamlessly swop out a customer set with ours and ensure business continues as usual. We appeal mainly to customers who run national operations from multiple locations and require one contract with one service provider and consistent availability and service 24/7 nationally.

Franchise operations have taken to this offering like a child to candy and our scale makes the cost of servicing the lowest in the market. We have about 200 sets available and constantly on hire in this sector and seen great demand due to load shedding. The value of remote monitoring means when a service call is initiated, we respond with the right service kits or parts as all sets are registered on our database and electronic service and performance history kept. Through our data analytics, we monthly review the operational efficiency of all sets and can identify excessive idling, load or unusual fuel consumption patterns and when the sets become less economically viable to operate and need replacement.

Industrial, Agricultural and Mining

Our clients range from shopping malls, tobacco farmers, miners, to exhibitions, sports stadiums and multi-storey buildings and offices and mini-substations. We recently provided support to the Bloodhound Supersonic Car Project, placing two 500KVa generators on a salt pan in the middle of the Karoo for two months, while world class scientists and engineers tested and ran daily speed tests in preparation for the planned new land speed record attempt of 1600Km/hr next year. International film crews shooting in remote locations are a regular customer base for our robust mobile sets that have stood the test of time in terms of reliability.

We have in the recent past provided a local municipality with up to 42 sets over 500KVa in size to keep suburbs in power while they upgraded or repaired substations and also during seasons of load shedding. Mission critical facilities such as hospitals, clinics and airports are a regular feature on our client list as they need a plan B when power is out or when their own sets fail. We have in the past provided a mine with two 1MVa sets while they carried out the rescue of trapped underground miners after an underground fire that saw their own sets malfunction.

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