• Electronic governor
  • Mechanically welded chassis with antivibration suspension
  • Main line circuit breaker
  • Radiator for wiring temperature of 48/50°C max with mechanical fan
  • Protective grille for fan and rotating parts
  • 9 dB(A) silencer supplied separately
  • Charger DC starting battery with electrolyte
  • 24 V charge alternator and starter
  • Delivered with oil and coolant -30°C
  • Manual for use and installation

When reliability is important and the power is out, you want a fast, efficient and reliable backup power, we can offer you that.

Gas Power: Our Generators are designed to run off LPG or Natural Gas. We have chosen this solution for Waterfall estate as the LPG Gas Generators have dramatically less emissions thus making them more environmentally friendly. They also require less maintenance and run quieter. We can also offer diesel power derivatives of these machines. Whatever the solution you require for your home, we will assist you in your decision.

GPH and SDMO Quality Power: GPH SA is well establish, proudly South African company with over 20 years of experience in the power generation field. We have a national footprint and offer 24/7 countrywide backup service. SDMO is an international company with over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of generators. Together we can offer you a formidable solution that will resolve all your backup power needs.

Clean Power: Our LPG generators supply clean residential electrical distribution standard power, meaning that expensive electronic equipment will not be damaged by irregular power delivery. We can also install additional safety equipment to regulate your Municipal supply (a voltage regulator to clean up the municipal power that is fed into your home so that the council power does not damage your electronic equipment) -Delete.

Quiet Power: The LPG Generator range is extremely quiet and they are supplied with residential specification sound proofing. The generators have a sound output of between 65dBA and 75dBA at 7m which is about as loud as an air conditioner unit.

Rapid Power: In the event of a power failure, your generator will automatically start and will supply power in a few seconds. There is also an automatic testing facility built into the system that does an automatic run check every week to make sure that the generator is running 100%. GPH can also provide you with a full 24/7, quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly maintenance contract on your generator ensuring that your generator is always running at its optimum level.

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