Our business comprises three unique solution offerings, namely, Sales, Hires and Managed Services.

The Sales division specializes in the supply, installation, integration and commissioning of sets locally and into the SADCC region from residential right through to Power Plants.

Our Hires section specializes in the rapid deployment, installation, refuelling and field maintenance of sets ranging from 12KVa through to 1250KVa across all industry types. These can be short-, medium- and long-term hires for either standby or prime power needs. The combination of a dedicated fleet of crane trucks, strategic national branches, a workforce of over 200 technical staff, mobile sets and a fleet of over 150 vehicles allows us to respond faster than any other and deliver power whenever, wherever, 24/7.

Managed Services is a fast-growing specialist roaming division that manages and monitors 3rd party sets countrywide on an SLA basis. Sets range from static and hybrid to mobile sets for key clients in the cellular, banking, data center, cold storage, mission critical radio communications, restaurant and broadcasting services, to name a few. While you focus on your key business, we keep the power on behind the scenes.

Rental Power

GPHSA has the ability to supply both the commercial and residential back up power options as Long Term Rent to Own Solutions. We supply, install and maintain sets for variable rental durations and after the rental period has expired you have the option to purchase the generator from us, with the option of a maintenance SLA similar to a motor plan on a vehicle. This is a cost-effective solution for standby power in times of uncertainty or where lights out is not an option for business. Picture a hotel or shopping mall without power for a minute and you will soon appreciate the need for reliable and robust backup on demand.

Residential Power

There is a reason why GPHSA is the preferred service provider to key foreign agency residential establishments locally. Our ability to integrate sets into any grid or system with 99.9% reliability gives peace of mind that you are secure and can run your home in unforeseen events like transformer fails, cable theft and those days of rain and thunder when the sun does not shine.

Automatic change overs happen in the background between solar, mains, battery and generator to ensure your home runs optimally 24/7.

Logistical Power

Size matters when it comes to Power. Be it an emergency mine evacuation that requires power to save limb and life, or a data center that needs a reliable standby set, just in case, to support millions of banking transactions.

it matters who will answer your call for help at your darkest hour. Being available and open 27/4, 365 days of the year in over 90% of the country’s main centers is a strength few can achieve.

Hire Power

When local authorities call on you to power residential suburbs 24/7 and respond to over 15 000 calls for power monthly, you know you have the power to make a difference.

People Power

It is not enough to invest in generators and vehicles alone. GPH is a business built on the power of people and fueled by a passion in them to excel and do more.

We have some of the most qualified and experienced technicians in the industry led by an Executive team of the highest calibre, constantly in search of talent and innovation

We invest in our people and run several internships to up-skill and empower growth and continuous improvement in how we do business.

Additional Services

  • Installation and commissioning and approved C.O.C’s
  • Full technical backup and after sales service
  • Single and multi-visit maintenance contracts
  • Onsite maintenance and repairs
  • 24/7 Backup and Support
  • Country wide seven day a week cover
  • Factory trained experienced engineers