Reefer Container In-transit Power Units

We take this opportunity of introducing ourselves as a major supplier of hired-in Reefer mobile generator sets. Over the past number of years, we have actively assisted Shipping Companies with mobile power for the maintaining of correct temperatures of Reefer Containers whilst being transported from base to collection point and back to shipping base.

We currently are able to supply Trailer mounted Underslung units and Container Clip-on units capable of starting the compressor units of the Reefer Container and maintaining the units power requirements during the transport of the Reefer Container. We have also established a network of emergency plug-in points at Service Stations across Southern Africa where a Transporter can plug the Reefer into an electrical power point if the generator should have a mechanical problem and until we can get a Service Engineer to the unit to effect repairs.

We have successfully assisted major Shipping Companies with their export projects on perishables and would like to be of service to you

Rugged construction, dependable power, simple operation.

Industry-leading PowerLINE® RG15 Clip-On and UG15 Undermount Generator Sets are designed and built for continuous, unattended operation for all refrigerated containers transported by road or rail worldwide.

So reliable. So easy to operate and maintain.

  • Specially engineered to run container refrigeration systems, the engine and generator combination delivers uninterrupted power to protect sensitive cargo.
  • Fast, sure starting puts operator in complete control.
  • Whether choosing clip or under-mount PowerLINE gives more mounting flexibility.
  • If clamp mounting, self-aligning ratcheted clamp locks allow safe, secure attachment to corner castings.
  • If under-mount is selected, choose standard four-point mounting or exclusive QuickMount design.