With GPH’s Rent-To-Own package you are able to take the sting out of the tail of capital expenditure by spreading the financial outlay over an extended period (usually three to five years) thereby providing a low fixed monthly rental. The rental contract can include full service and maintenance agreements.

All rentals are 100% tax deductible on a monthly basis during the term of the rental agreement. The claimable amounts are a substantial improvement on the normal tax allowances if the generator were to be acquired by traditional methods. You will no longer need to look to CAPEX when planning your generator requirements, just let us lighten your load and free up your capital by long term Rent-To-Own.

GPH has aligned themselves with the French manufacturer SDMO and their current range of diesel and gas generators. As we believe in their superior product quality and service backup. We can offer the entire package from supply, commissioning through to maintenance and service for all of our industrial and commercial clients.