GPH was one of the first companies to provide power to the first Telcom towers built in South Africa when the cellphone industry took off in the 90's. As construction of the towers rapidly increased country-wide, we provided instant power on sites commissioning while power lines under drawn to sites, a process that took between a month and 24 months to complete.

Over the years, we have through our branch network been able to successfully provide adhoc power needs to over 20 000 telco locations country wide when their primary systems have failed.

Our specialist telco operations are carried out by certified technicians who are thoroughly vetted and trained to carry out work in the strictest safety standards in the industry from dangerous goods handling, safe driving standards to fault finding and rectification techniques.

Understanding the terrain and critical nature of telecommunications, only fit for purpose vehicles are used for operations and our teams are on 24-hour standby country wide to deploy, collect, service and maintain sets to keep sites up.

The service excellence displayed in our telco business, has seen the business take over the management of third-party generators that traditional cellular companies owned and ran. By outsourcing this function, service providers are able to focus on their key business, reduce costs and achieve demonstrable SLAs of 99,9% guaranteed on their networks. Through a buyback plan, we have the ability to create additional value by taking over CAPEX invested in generators by telco's and using the 'pay as you go', leased option, thereby creating healthier cashflows and lower operating costs for clients.